You have all the tools in your hand. Control your blast operation on your device with O-PitApp. Check in real time your blast progress and make changes to charge and other blast design characteristics, along with your blast’s main KPI. Now, efficiency is in your hands!

Application for Android that allows the user to monitor and register field data. This information can be accessed in real time through O-Pitblast Analytics where the user can view the planned data, record all field data as well as check for deviations from the
original plan and generate reports of compliance.

Key features include:
• Online control of blast projects.
• Possibility of inviting peers to participate in projects.
• Blast plan download via O-PitCloud®.
• Introduction of hole’s real data, such as: length, inclination, position, azimuth, diameter, stemming height and water presence.
• Blast hole removal or addition of bulk explosives and cartridges’ Kg's.
• Upload of blast holes.
• Blast report generation.

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