O-Pitblast providing technical services in Finland

“For me, accustomed to different conditions in Brazil, it was a new experience to face these temperatures, which only proves that the O-Pitblast team is prepared for everything.”
Gean Frank

In the beginning of February, our researcher Eng. Gean Frank flew to Helsinki (Finland), to meet our partners from Forcit. Field tests, quality assurance and product control meetings where in the schedule for that week. We would like to give a special thank to Tomi Kouvonen, Jari Tarkkanen and Jarkko Manninen for all the support given during this week!

O-Pitblast business trip to Israel

O-Pitblast is a company with young people that loves to create new business all around the world. This time, O-Pitblast flew all do way to Israel to open new business perspectives.

Francisco Leite, our Technical Services Director, visit visited a few quarries and mining companies such as: Tamar Group, CEMEX and E.M.I Ltd. It was a pleasure to meet all those companies and we are tankful for the time spent with us.