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João Soares – Mining Engineer

João Soares studied Mining Engineering at Centro Universitário Luterano de Palmas (Brazil) and during his recent academic and professional career, he developed experience in areas of rock blasting, mining software’s, blast KPI’s, etc., always focused in continuous improvement of mining processes. João Soares was doing an internship at O-Pitblast (O-Pitblast University) and left us with his testimony. O-Pitblast Team wishes you best of the lucks for your future.

“I had the opportunity to do an internship in O-Pitblast in Porto, Portugal where I’ve learned to plan and audit blasts and use tools that help to improve mine productions significantly.

With O-Pitblast software it’s possible to work directly with topographic information, edit, create and manage hole characteristics, control timing sequence, view the histogram in order to prevent excessive MIC, predict fragmentation, analyze vibration issues, solve dilution problems, analyze borehole deviation, among others.

With all this in one software it’s possible to optimize the blast by applying geometric adjustments on the pattern resulting in cost reduction of the overall production process.”

Eng. João Soares
Blast by João Soares

Blast KPI Control System – O-Pitblast Analytics

One of the greatest, and old, truth in the mining world is the one present on Wipware’s slogan:

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Peter Drucker

fragmentation is the finger print on a blast crime scene

In fact, this is so real that in the majority of the reputable mines there’s a specific department for Continuous Improvements which is responsible to analyze all the KPI’s gathering process. This department has the responsibility to identify, in each mine sector – from house keeping up to top decision positions – ways to improve the entire mining chain.

To explain Wipware’s slogan, fragmentation is the finger print on a crime scene performed by a blast engineer, a geologist, a mine planner, a blaster, a foreman, a driller, a drill supervisor, …

But usually, geology is chosen as the guilty one. Shame!

This happens because gather information right after the drilling until the loading and haulage is a nightmare.

You know… the rush of blast process, the client that wants a fast job, the safety, the rain, the sun, the dusts, the unpredictive events.. everything serves as an excuse.

Well, O-Pitblast understands all of that and also understand that something needed to be changed! For it was launched

the FIRST blasting process KPI control System

and it is called: O-Pitblast Analytics.

With O-Pitblast Analytics, follow your operations anywhere in the world.

O-Pitblast Analytics concentrates all the information from blast plans and real data from field. It is linked with O-Pitblast App (iOS/Android) that allows the collection of field data such as:

  • Kg’s/hole
  • Hole’s length
  • Kg’s loaded
  • Load issues
  • Stemming length
  • Safety alerts
  • Watered holes
  • Re-drills

In O-Pitblast Analytics you can match different types of KPI’s, control if you’re operation if following the plan or not – and if not, why that is happening.

If you think this is amazing just watch the following video and you’ll understand much better all the idea behind this system.

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O-Pitblast will be present at ISEE, Nashville 2019

45th Annual Conference on Explosives and Blasting Technique

O-Pitblast in ISEE 2019 –
45th Annual Conference on Explosives and Blasting Technique

O-Pitblast – Blast Design Software, will participate in ISEE 2019. Our booth number is 120. We’ll be provinding demos, showing the latest updates and offering trials.

If this don’t convince you, we’ll have Oporto Wine to enjoy with our friends and clients.

Come and visit us!

O-Pitblast in ISEE 2019 –
45th Annual Conference on Explosives and Blasting Technique

New Blast Design Tool: QAQC from App

Is now available a option to download to O-Pitblast all the information from O-Pitcloud related with QAQC gathered with O-Pitblast Phone App.

This option is available on “Blast Results” Tab and the update will be on-line here.

Try O-Pitblast app Android and iOS.

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