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Controlled Blasting: Enhancing Safety & Productivity with Pre-Splitting

Boosting Project Success through Controlled Blasting Techniques 

Did you know that pre-splitting can significantly improve efficiency and safety in drill and blast operations? It’s a complex technique that requires a lot of skill and knowledge of rock mechanics. Essentially, pre-splitting involves drilling precise holes to make the blasting process more effective and safer. It’s a fascinating process that requires a lot of expertise!

What is Pre-splitting?

Pre-splitting involves drilling closely spaced holes along a predetermined line before the main blasting. These holes are typically smaller in diameter and are charged with explosives designed to fracture the rock along the predetermined line. The result is a clean, controlled fracture that helps create a smooth wall surface and prevents excessive damage to the surrounding rock.

Pre-splitting blast at a Coal Mine ERG Industrial

Safety & Wall Stability

Ensuring stable high walls is of utmost importance in any project, be it open-pit mines, quarries, or civil engineering endeavours. Pre-splitting is a technique used to establish a secure boundary between the blasted material and intact rock. This method significantly reduces the risk of wall instability and slope failure, making it a vital aspect of any project. Adopting this meticulous approach enhances the safety for workers and equipment operating near blast sites.

Figure 1- Pre-Splitting remaining wall (Kaz Minerals

Techniques and Considerations

Effective pre-splitting requires careful planning and execution. Factors such as rock type, geological structure, and blast design parameters must be meticulously analyzed to determine the optimal pre-splitting technique. Common techniques include line drilling, smooth blasting, and perimeter blasting, each adapted to specific geological conditions and project requirements.

Figure 2- Pre-Splitting Blasting on O-PitSurface

Furthermore, technologies such as laser profiling  and digital imaging are increasingly being utilized to precisely monitor and control pre-splitting operations. These technologies enable real-time analysis of rock surfaces, allowing blasters to adjust drilling patterns and explosive charges for optimal results.

Figure 3- Face Profiling with drones (Agg-Net)

In the dynamic world of drill and blast operations, mastering the art of pre-splitting is indispensable for achieving enhanced fragmentation and superior wall control. By employing advanced techniques and using modern technologies, blasters can improve their skills to achieve remarkable levels of efficiency, safety, and environmental care.

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