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João Soares – Mining Engineer

João Soares studied Mining Engineering at Centro Universitário Luterano de Palmas (Brazil) and during his recent academic and professional career, he developed experience in areas of rock blasting, mining software’s, blast KPI’s, etc., always focused in continuous improvement of mining processes. João Soares was doing an internship at O-Pitblast (O-Pitblast University) and left us with his testimony. O-Pitblast Team wishes you best of the lucks for your future.

“I had the opportunity to do an internship in O-Pitblast in Porto, Portugal where I’ve learned to plan and audit blasts and use tools that help to improve mine productions significantly.

With O-Pitblast software it’s possible to work directly with topographic information, edit, create and manage hole characteristics, control timing sequence, view the histogram in order to prevent excessive MIC, predict fragmentation, analyze vibration issues, solve dilution problems, analyze borehole deviation, among others.

With all this in one software it’s possible to optimize the blast by applying geometric adjustments on the pattern resulting in cost reduction of the overall production process.”

Eng. João Soares
Blast by João Soares

O-Pitblast providing technical services in Finland

“For me, accustomed to different conditions in Brazil, it was a new experience to face these temperatures, which only proves that the O-Pitblast team is prepared for everything.”
Gean Frank

In the beginning of February, our researcher Eng. Gean Frank flew to Helsinki (Finland), to meet our partners from Forcit. Field tests, quality assurance and product control meetings where in the schedule for that week. We would like to give a special thank to Tomi Kouvonen, Jari Tarkkanen and Jarkko Manninen for all the support given during this week!

O-Pitblast business trip to Israel

O-Pitblast is a company with young people that loves to create new business all around the world. This time, O-Pitblast flew all do way to Israel to open new business perspectives.

Francisco Leite, our Technical Services Director, visit visited a few quarries and mining companies such as: Tamar Group, CEMEX and E.M.I Ltd. It was a pleasure to meet all those companies and we are tankful for the time spent with us.

O-Pitblast on the leading edge of blasting softwares

O-Pitblast prides itself on creating enthusiasm and enjoyment whenever we present our products to new people. This time it was Eng. Hugo Herrera Solis from Blasting Engineering LA. We had a wonderful meeting with him!

Why is O-Pitblast so well received by our costumers? It’s easy: user friendly interface with a quick learning curve, always updated to keep up the mining market and it’s composed by a young team that strives to be the bleeding edge of blasting softwares.

O-Pitblast sharing their scientific findings at ISEE 2019

In January, at the International Society of Explosives Engineers, Francisco Leite and Raquel Sobral stepped to the stage to present O-Pitblast latest scientific research findings.

Francisco Leite presenting the new O-Pitblast article: “Borehole Deviation Control Using Electronics: An Eulers Approach”.

“(…) The authors decided to evaluate the possibility of measuring hole deviation by creating a portable prototype using an electronic sensor capable of measuring the acceleration on objects, that is, to measure the own acceleration of a system, known as “accelerometer” and a micro-controller to handle and treat data “The main idea behind this paper is to validate the power of the Euler method, given the stepping limitations of the sensor and micro controller in order to reproduce of the hole shape. A case study was carried out, comparing the measurements of borehole deviations made by a traditional equipment and the prototype . The main idea behind this paper is to validate the power of the Euler method, given the stepping limitations of the sensor and micro controller in order to reproduce of the hole shape. A case study was carried out, comparing the measurements of borehole deviations made by a traditional equipment and the prototype.”

PhD Vinicius Miranda | Eng. Francisco Leite | Eng. Pedro Brito | Eng. Gean Frank | PhD José Soeiro

Raquel Sobral doing the introduction to the article “Blast Pattern Expansion – A heuristic Approach”.

“Reviewing some recent articles leads us to an enriching experience, since the authors of these articles clearly model the problem, but do not address the mathematical solution of these models, which in turn, given their non-linear nature, have no directly and easy solution. Simple and even robust optimizers present in the market show different results and often do not converge to a single solution. To address this problem, an adapted gradient heuristic-based model was developed to try to find optimum values. Heuristics search for values of stemming, subdrilling, burden and spacing that minimize the costs of blasting and drilling. This search, which by the nature of the heuristic moves the solution in the direction of the gradient with maximum decrease to find optimal solution, found values that in turn, when compared with values presented by market solutions not only equaled them as, in some situations, even improved the proposed solution.”

Eng. Vinicius Miranda | Eng. Francisco Leite | Eng. Raquel Sobral | PhD Alexandre Leite | PhD Dorival Pinto

O-Pitblast at ISEE 2019, Nashville

Last month, O-Pitblast team was present at the International Society of Explosive Engineers in Nashville. We want to thank the entire organization for this great event. Congratulations!

“The International Society of Explosives Engineers aims to promote the professional development, competence, and qualifications of explosives engineers, practitioners and those entering the field; to serve society as a body of specialists and encourage service to the community where the skills of those who work with explosives can best be applied; to promote a favourable public perception of explosives engineers and the contributions that they make to society (…)”

International Society of Explosives Engineers

O-Pitblast University opening doors for international students

Auã Kiahla, our newest intern, is the best example of
“seize an opportunity”. He started his studies in Brazil and came to Europe to do his masters degree and looking for better opportunities. This year, O-Pitblast gladly invited him to be part of the O-Pitblast Q&A team. We are proud of having you in our team!

My name is Auã Kiahla, I’m 23 years old and I was born in the interior of Brazil in a region called Bico do Papagaio.
In the year 2012 I started my studies at the “Centro Universitário Luterano de Palmas” in Mining Engineering. During my studies I had the pleasure of meeting Vinicius, CEO of O-Pitblast.
During some events where Vinicius Miranda was present, I had the privilege to be inspired by this blast expert. In one of those events, my interest in mining subjects doubled, especially rock blasting.
Looking for better academic opportunities, I’ve applied for the master’s degree in Mining Engineering and Geo-environment at the University of Porto where thankfully, I was accepted as a student.
Before going on this Journey, I knew that leaving Brazil and coming to Europe would be a challenge like none I’ve ever faced before. But I knew that this experience of meeting the continent across the Atlantic, face new realities and be forced to adapt to new situations would broad my horizons and enrich me in every single way: Academic, professional and more.
I am very happy to be part of the O-Pitblast team as a Q&A tester. Their Blaster University Programe made it possible for me to be part of the team as a student and being able to use all my theoretical knowledge in practical situations, it’s being an invaluable experience so far.
During my internship I am learning a little bit of everything such as: Blast Optimization, Blast Design, Vibration Control, Field Equipment operation such as Laser Scanners, Borehole Deviation Devices, Seismographs, Velocity of Detonation (VoD) Devices between others.

Regarding my masters degree at FEUP, I felt the need to create new routines that often lead to exhaustion. Regardless, I tell myself that everything will be worth it in the end.
I came to Europe with the luggage full of dreams and I plan to accomplish every single one of them before returning to Brazil.
Every moment here, regardless of the situation I find myself in, will be used to learn valuable lessons that will remain with me for the reste of my adult life.

Auã Kiahla

O-Pitblast supporting University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (India)

In the last month two students from UPES finished their thesis with the support of O-Pitblast team. They used the software for Optimization of a Blasting Operation for vibration control and optimum fragmentation at minimal cost” and they are now working for a renown mining company. O-Pitblast team wishes the best for these amazing students and we are proud of what they achieved!

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, UPES, O-Pitblast University, Optimization of basting operation for control of vibration

“I get to know about O-Pitblast software from LinkedIn where I connected with Raquel Sobral who provided me with academic license for my project. The software is flexible and compatible to work with and has practical applications in surface mining for planning and design of blasting operations. The O-Pitblast team aided every time we required in terms of fundamentals of software. The project done with help of O-Pitblast team had a great impact while appearing for interview in companies and finally getting a job in renowned Indian mining company. The project was done under the guidance of Dr. Nirlipta Priyadarshini Nayak for academic and thesis assistance and Mining engineer and O-Pitblast expert Raquel Sobral for technical and software assistance.”
Yogender Singh

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, UPES, O-Pitblast University, Optimization of basting operation for control of vibration

“Wanted to thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to help with our project on “Optimization of blasting operation for control of vibration and utilization design with optimum fragmentation at minimal cost”. The software and the team provides great assistance and was very much practical in designing the blast design and optimization. The software gave us the practical approach on mine planning for blast design which proved to be of great help when interacting with industry experts and also helped me to land job in a very reputed mining company.”
Krishna Kumari

Blast KPI Control System – O-Pitblast Analytics

One of the greatest, and old, truth in the mining world is the one present on Wipware’s slogan:

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Peter Drucker

fragmentation is the finger print on a blast crime scene

In fact, this is so real that in the majority of the reputable mines there’s a specific department for Continuous Improvements which is responsible to analyze all the KPI’s gathering process. This department has the responsibility to identify, in each mine sector – from house keeping up to top decision positions – ways to improve the entire mining chain.

To explain Wipware’s slogan, fragmentation is the finger print on a crime scene performed by a blast engineer, a geologist, a mine planner, a blaster, a foreman, a driller, a drill supervisor, …

But usually, geology is chosen as the guilty one. Shame!

This happens because gather information right after the drilling until the loading and haulage is a nightmare.

You know… the rush of blast process, the client that wants a fast job, the safety, the rain, the sun, the dusts, the unpredictive events.. everything serves as an excuse.

Well, O-Pitblast understands all of that and also understand that something needed to be changed! For it was launched

the FIRST blasting process KPI control System

and it is called: O-Pitblast Analytics.

With O-Pitblast Analytics, follow your operations anywhere in the world.

O-Pitblast Analytics concentrates all the information from blast plans and real data from field. It is linked with O-Pitblast App (iOS/Android) that allows the collection of field data such as:

  • Kg’s/hole
  • Hole’s length
  • Kg’s loaded
  • Load issues
  • Stemming length
  • Safety alerts
  • Watered holes
  • Re-drills

In O-Pitblast Analytics you can match different types of KPI’s, control if you’re operation if following the plan or not – and if not, why that is happening.

If you think this is amazing just watch the following video and you’ll understand much better all the idea behind this system.

For any question or trial please contact us through [email protected] or www.o-pitblast.com

O-Pitblast providing solutions for the 21st Century Mining Sector

Thiago Lunkes, Mining Engineer and production responsible for Nativa Mineração Quarries (two high quality limestone deposits) in Brazil (Tocantins), has participated on the advance course for blast planing and optimization provided by O-Pitblast.

The three days training includes:

O-Pitblast phone app, for field control is a tool much appreciated by it’s users.

After the training there’s always a time to evaluate the participants operations and, together, define a clear and tangible procedures path towards the desired results.

For more info and clarificatios, O-Pitblast team is allways available to provide support. Please contact us through wwww.o-pitblast.com or [email protected]