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O-Pitblast University: The Path to Success

João Soares studied Mining Engineering at Centro Universitário Luterano de Palmas (Brazil) and during his recent academic and professional career, he developed experience in areas of rock blasting, mining software’s, blast KPI’s, etc., always focused in continuous improvement of mining processes. João Soares was doing an internship at O-Pitblast (O-Pitblast University) and left us with […]

O-Pitblast providing technical services in Finland

“For me, accustomed to different conditions in Brazil, it was a new experience to face these temperatures, which only proves that the O-Pitblast team is prepared for everything.”Gean Frank In the beginning of February, our researcher Eng. Gean Frank flew to Helsinki (Finland), to meet our partners from Forcit. Field tests, quality assurance and product […]

O-Pitblast business trip to Israel

O-Pitblast is a company with young people that loves to create new business all around the world. This time, O-Pitblast flew all do way to Israel to open new business perspectives. Francisco Leite, our Technical Services Director, visit visited a few quarries and mining companies such as: Tamar Group, CEMEX and E.M.I Ltd. It was […]

O-Pitblast on the leading edge of blasting softwares

O-Pitblast prides itself on creating enthusiasm and enjoyment whenever we present our products to new people. This time it was Eng. Hugo Herrera Solis from Blasting Engineering LA. We had a wonderful meeting with him! Why is O-Pitblast so well received by our costumers? It’s easy: user friendly interface with a quick learning curve, always […]

O-Pitblast sharing their scientific findings at ISEE 2019

In January, at the International Society of Explosives Engineers, Francisco Leite and Raquel Sobral stepped to the stage to present O-Pitblast latest scientific research findings. Francisco Leite presenting the new O-Pitblast article: “Borehole Deviation Control Using Electronics: An Eulers Approach”. “(…) The authors decided to evaluate the possibility of measuring hole deviation by creating a […]

O-Pitblast at ISEE 2019, Nashville

Last month, O-Pitblast team was present at the International Society of Explosive Engineers in Nashville. We want to thank the entire organization for this great event. Congratulations! “The International Society of Explosives Engineers aims to promote the professional development, competence, and qualifications of explosives engineers, practitioners and those entering the field; to serve society as […]