Boldness and
hard work combine
with our DNA.


Two friends that shared a dream: to optimize mining operations worldwide.

At O-Pitblast we develop technologies that optimize mining operations, help projects come to life in a profitable way and save people's lives.

A dream that started five years ago.

O-Pitblast was created in the Spring of 2016 with the intent of providing leading technology for the world's mining market. Today, we are a consolidated and ever-growing company in mining engineering technology R&D.

We rely on the collaboration of industry professionals with 10+ years of experience in various fields: mathematicians, programmers, designers and engineers to provide our clients with the most creative and knowledgeable solutions.

Francisco Leite


We develop the best blast optimization software in the world and that is both a proud achievement and a big responsibility for us.

Vinicius Miranda


Our company was born out of a dream and today we are the desired solution by many mining companies. We have the best multidisciplinary team that a company in our field could ask for.

This is our team of specialists, also known as “your team”.

Designers, marketeers, administrators, engineers and programmers that work tirelessly for your company.

Pedro Brito

Full Stack Developer

Raquel Sobral

Mining Engineer

Auã Kiahla

Mining Engineer

Daniel Parauta


Thales Xavier

Mining Engineer

Sergio Freire


Arthus Ribeiro

UI/UX Designer

Eraldo Florencio

Mining Engineer Senior

Roberto Mendes

Mining Engineer Trainee

Ana Feio

Mining Engineer Trainee

Bianca Saraiva

Mining Engineer Trainee


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